Transforming the workday reality of tool-carrying staff on major construction sites.
Instant payment rewards platform for construction technologies


For the worker :

Avoids daily dead ends - shows the tasks that can actually be completed that day.
No more blame game - Records the obstacles getting in your way
Show your strengths - documents your own project acheivements.
Access instant payment

For the trade contractor :

Scale your business
Increase your bandwidth
Reduce contractural exposure
Optimise your processes
Ensure prompt payment

For the project owner & their consultants :

Avoid design dilution
Minimise cost of change
Shorten financing cycles

The opportunity for optimisation of the construction industry is vast.
There is also an incredible array of new technologies offering to harvest this benefit for stakeholders.

The problem is that delivering on that promise of business intelligence often depends upon high levels of on-the-ground adoption of entirely new processes.

SitePay addresses this challenge by enabling direct reward of site workers in return for their engagement with emerging technologies.

Facilitates :
Pay per click rewards
Productivity linked bonuses
Piecework renumeration


Graham Blake - CEO & Founder

Originally trained as a product designer, Graham founded Tidal Living in 2009 shortly after making the permanent move to Vancouver from the UK. Modelled closely on his previous London based multi-residential business of 10 years, Tidal Living’s role today is that of a recording studio for architectural product. Enabling land developers the opportunity to leverage international industrialized production platforms to service their own demand for interior products.

An outspoken advocate for technology adoption in the construction sector. In 2014 he co-founded Sitepay Systems to help drive innovation in business intelligence for land development and prompt payment options for trade businesses.

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Creating a world of perpetual productivity, and continuous improvement



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Get the memo's
In the past I've personally allocated and dispensed millions of dollars worth of labour payments to site based workers for the execution of simple definable tasks, often with little or no control over productivity or accountability.

The reality is that progress - i.e. 'Stuff done' is only ever populated by 'people doing stuff: not by anyone watching it being done. I needed more site work complete, not more work being supervised.

Empower the person doing stuff with everything that they actually need. Reward and better incentify that person to do even more stuff.

- Graham Blake CEO

Patrick Gorry - CTO & Co-Founder
Working for the giants of IBM and Microsoft, as well as local cutting edge software houses has taught Patrick both what makes great software - and how to make it.

As co-founder of SitePay Systems it is his role to direct the build of a reliable and scalable platform to enable our customers to seamlessly manage their construction projects.

Jake Hirst - COO
Jake moved to Vancouver from the UK in 2006. With a degree in Business from University of Northumbria. He has a background of over 16 years in hardware and software solution sales to Mid size and Enterprise organisations. He has a vast amount of experience having worked for Vendors, resellers and consultancy partners in the UK and North America.  Skill sets lie in creating sales & marketing strategies and delivering and driving revenue through multiple channels. In his spare time family, fitness and rugby are his interests having volunteered time to coaching kids, schools and clubs in the local area.
We urgently need to move the contracting sector mindset on from policing to producing.

Trade contracting businesses can scale to their full potential given access to a self-organizing and motivated workforce of skilled people.

- Jake Hirst COO

Ronnie Wahi - CFO
Designated as a Chartered Professional Accountant.  Ronnie is a seasoned Financial Officer with a foundation in the technology sector. Ronnie offers experience and breadth of knowledge in Operations, Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions.

More recently, he spent years co-founding and growing Dye & Durham as the CFO. During his time as the CFO for the company, he led the finance function through multiple acquisitions and significant growth. The business has grown to be one the largest suppliers of legal support services across Canada.
Are you interested in innovation for large-scale construction projects ?
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Continuous construction inflation is forcing a re-appraisal of the residential development model.

Project owners need to understand their supply chain in ever more detail and figure out who actually contributes value to the end product.

Ronnie Wahi CFO

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