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Sitepay Systems Ltd. has developed four distinct technology based solutions for construction.

We cater to the needs of each of the key constituents in a typical major project cycle.

  • The Project Owner
  • The Management Consultants
  • The Design Team
  • The Material Vendors
  • The Labour Contractors
  • The Site Workers
  • The Customer Care Team
When jointly deployed these solutions combine to deliver a powerful alternative to conventional lump sum contracting.
Sitepay Systems is re-imagining contracting and re-wiring job site workflow so more work gets done and jobs finish on time and budget.
Our vision is to be a global leader in the digital transformation of the construction industry.
  • Definitions:
  • DfMA: Design for Manufacture & Assembly
  • OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • SCM: Sub-Contract Management

  • Project Workflow
  • Payment Path
  • Primary Deliverable
  • Analytics Loop
Eliminate large parts of the construction supply chain that no longer represent value in the delivery of a completed project.

Traditionally the construction supply chain developed to translate unstructured data such as lines on the architect's paper into structured data that can be measured, counted, priced, weighed and then finally procured through a series of interlocking contracts.

Today with 3D design/BIM and mobile technology we can break out from this old paradigm and in so doing eliminate large parts of the construction supply chain that no longer represent value in the delivery of a completed project.

A.P.S. is a secure access webstore service that provides project stakeholders with a browsable access point for all specified materials and components to be used on the job site.

It replaces traditional specification documents with an actionable tool for delivery & execution at every stage of a project's life cycle.


APS Features
  • Client branded project web stores hosted and managed by sitepay systems.
  • Desktop & mobile friendly interfaces.
  • Browse products by type, application, or specific building locations.
  • Better understand your own project spending and harness all of the available benefits from developing strategic buying agreements with vendors in advance.


APS Functions
  • Set purchase rules for every material line item in your specification document.
  • Grant project access and assign material call-off rights to named individuals or groups.
  • Maintain a full audit trail for all project related procurement even where responsibility for ordering has been delegated to third parties.
Task based scope mapping and management for labour subcontractors.


  • Map subcontract scope commitments.
  • Quantify labour and materials required.
  • Set budgets and monitor costs.
  • Track onsite progress in real time.
  • Provide full visibility to your contract clients through web-based dashboards.
  • Report on progress, issues, spend & team performance.


  • Accurately map scope deliverables, costs, material, and labour requirements. All in a task based environment.
  • Publish tasks for execution by labour teams, track issues, and receive real time progress reports.
  • Access a personalized dashboard providing a reassuring window for your clients on all of your site activities. Track progress towards project completion.
  • Subscription fee of $50 USD per active project per month.
Location specific task execution via self-supervised labour teams.


  • Build your own work day.
  • Set your own limits and task preferences.
  • Collaborate with others to publish and execute tasks.
  • Document your progress.
  • Work across teams, sites, and organizations.


  • Break the dependence of job site workers for just in time instruction.
  • Empower general labourers with access to everything they need to independently identify and execute appropriate tasks in a job site setting.
  • Platform access of $1 USD per worker per day.
Instant payment platform for construction workers.


  • Offer instant payment incentives to workers.
  • Streamline administration of payments to multiple labour providers.
  • Project based cost reporting & staff performance analysis.


  • Obtain certainty that payments issued are directly proportionate to work completed.
  • Eliminate administrative cost of processing inbound invoices from labour providers.
  • Deliver instant payments to site workers in return for tasks completed.
  • Create potential for far higher earnings by general labourers and sub-contractors.
  • Users of WERKA or SUBBIE can access Sitepay for a 2.5% fee per transaction.

Founded in 2014 to address the bottleneck placed on contractors frustrated by the cost of administrating and policing sub-contract agreements, sitepay systems offers a bottom up solution where construction becomes production and push becomes pulls.

Sitepay systems empowers users, providing multiple benefits for every stakeholder and constituent within the construction project cycle. From land owner to site labourer, our soltions result in clarity, accountability, efficiency, and opportunity for all.

Sitepay system's approach enables a seamless, lean & agile path from digital design to on-site execution.

In the future we believe the construction process itself will be directly coded from the original design & BIM Models

In that model the consequence of change will always be known and manageable. Decisions will be taken on project actuals versus past comparisons.

Core Strengths: Innovative, Visionary, Disruptive, Agile.


Sitepay's Graham Blake

Graham Blake: CEO / Founder

Independent multi-residential contractor

Construction Industry Disruptor

Idea Generator

Passionate Risk-Taker

Sitepay's Patrick Gorry

Patrick Gorry: CTO / Co-Founder

Software Developer

Problem Solver


Self-Professed Geek

Sitepay's Evelyne Eang

Evelyne Eang

Software Delivery Specialist

Disciplined Doer

Operations Leader

Sitepay's Chris Head

Chris Head

Gamification Pioneer

Agile Business Advisor

Proven Leader

Sitepay's David S Blanco

David S. Blanco

Art Director

Solution Based Designer

Music Aficionado

Sitepay's Jennie Biltek

Jennie Biltek

Marketing Leader

Event Producer


Sitepay's Andy Anscombe

Andy Anscombe

Procurement Strategist

Webstore Enabler

Quality Enthusiast

Shrewd Shopper

Sitepay's Ben Doherty

Ben Doherty

Data De-Coder


Existing Beta Community

  • Land Developers
  • Interior Design Consultants
  • General Contractors
  • Multi-Residential Millworkers
  • FF&E Hotel Contractors
  • Tradeshow Display Contractors
  • Commercial Interior Contractors
Contact us to discuss all of the ways in which you could help and join us on this adventure to disrupt construction.

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